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  4. Also its a bit hard to make both classes the same since TOP best classes are always going to be crusaders and ss. that cant be changed unless you buff magics huehue. I'd say its not like crusaders aint the "same" as ss its just the player If you take a look at crusaders stats its almost in pair with ss in dmg but crusaders/champs have way more atsp and lets not talk about def or dodge lmaooo
  5. Well I think its not only crusaders that need to match ss xD every class needs a rework cuz they all broken in their way (except magics. they are so left behind now xD)
  6. Hey! I'll need your help with suggestions to match Crusaders with Sharpshooters. Whatever we conclude in this thread, I intend to include in the upcoming patch (Easter update). What do I mean by "match"? I mean to have both classes with the same "power", so the server won't be "Sharpshooter Pirates Online". The suggestions could go from stats changes to even skill changes. Please help me out, this can't wait anymore!
  7. Classes Balances Suggestions

    Can you confirm that? Is it still not working?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Bugs Bounty Program

    Hey there! I'm announcing that we're officially opening a Bugs Bounty program for UPO - better late than never! What's that? Basically, you'll get rewarded with Diamonds in case you find bugs in our server and report it to a GM or post it on Bugs Report. In case it's a critical issue that might directly affect the server, please send it privately to me here. What bugs are eligible to the program? Mostly all, but there's exceptions. What are the rewards? The rewards are defined by the severity of the bug and decided by the admin that is fixing it. As an example: "Certain apparel says it's Unisex but it can't be used by Ami" - that's a low severity bug. That would be rewarded with 25~50x Diamonds or none at all. Now, "There's a bug in the Marriage Certificates that allows them to be extracted and it gives random gems, including high level Ultimate Master Gems" - that would be classified as a critical bug. The rewards for these could go as far as 1.000 Diamonds, even more. What if the bug have been reported already? The first to report the issue is the one to get rewarded. That's it! Next time you find a bug, make sure to report it, we appreciate. Let the bugs hunting begin~
  10. [SOLVED] Using BP After being sealed

    UPDATE: This issue have been solved! The fix for it will be included in the next build. Once again, thanks a lot for reporting! I've sent you a small quantity of Diamonds as reward.
  11. 1234567890 years after going Dungeons

  12. 1234567890 years after going Dungeons

    LOL @Faller
  13. 1234567890 years after going Dungeons

  14. 1234567890 years after going Dungeons

    he is KKKKKKK
  15. 1234567890 years after going Dungeons

    Thanks , I Bet @Abdulla738 stuck with his noob bugged lvl 1 char HAHAHAHHAHAHA
  16. 1234567890 years after going Dungeons

    Dayum!! Congratzzz
  17. 1234567890 years after going Dungeons

    I Bet You can't do something like this , Eat your bugged lvl 1 char huehuehue @Abdulla738
  18. Content Suggestions

    I'll think on something to solve that issue
  19. [SOLVED] Using BP After being sealed

  20. Content Suggestions

    True , i once asked for this also when i keep dc in boss room , imagine its hard to find a full pt and in the end u gotta fail cuz either u dc or ur party dc , makes every1 desperate
  21. Content Suggestions

    Ayo o/ So idk if its mentioned before already but i wanted to make a suggestion on UR (hard mode especially) for when people dc. Even with a full party, if done incorrectly it surely would fail. If one person is missing its almost 100% ganna fail. So if possible maybe give them a chance to be able to join back in? Maybe spawn on the same spot like in bd would be great Quite upsetting when i dc and i know I let the party down
  22. [SOLVED] Using BP After being sealed

    O im guessing she means shadow insignia, since it counts as a seal
  23. [SOLVED] Using BP After being sealed

    I thought those are the only seal skills (?) XD
  24. Movement Precision Tip

    When doing @Ch - the first name to popup is Chalsea KKKKK
  25. Movement Precision Tip

    I always get confused with Chalsea might aswell change my name to Chalsea 2.0 D:
  26. Movement Precision Tip

    Ewwwwwwww I meant @Chanmi! KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
  27. [SOLVED] Using BP After being sealed

    Yeah -o-
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