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New Auto Updaters!

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I'm making this news thread just to inform you that the Auto Updater have passed through a lot of changes! You'll mostly like not notice anything, but it will perform way better than before. What you'll notice is that there's a new launcher named after "Ultimate Pirates Online - Alternative" and the old "UPO Version Check" is gone. Also, your client folder is now way cleaner than before.

What is "Ultimate Pirates Online - Alternative"? It's pretty much the same as "Ultimate Pirates Online" (auto updater), but it has a minified GUI and doesn't have any web pages. Check the screenshot below:


Why would you want to use it? Well, in case you're using older versions of Windows, the original launcher probably doesn't work as expected for you and returns a few errors when you start it (which I consider annoying), so you may use this "minified" version as an alternative to not face any of these errors! Also, you can use it in case you're not interested on seeing the web information shown in the main launcher and want it to load up faster.

Something to notice is that the "manual patches" might be discontinued soon as the auto updater is now working for everyone.

*The latest manual patch and client setup have been updated with the launcher changes.

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