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  1. Movement Precision Tip

    Yeah I have seen this recommendation in old forums but its really annoying xD
  2. Your Rig

    Mine xD
  3. Your Rig

    You cleaned it, didn't you (?) Can i steal your keyboard? o:
  4. Forum & Website Changes!

    ^ This was really necessary!! And as a suggest maybe try to add a mini video on the main page as an introduction of the server?
  5. UPO 3.0 - The Return

    Make UPO Great Again (?)
  6. Changes to the Staff

  7. [EVENT] Screenshots Contest [ENDED]

    Damn, forget to upload one random SS xD
  8. [EVENT] Screenshots Contest [ENDED]

    I also want to help even if that means I cant participate in the event. xD
  9. *minimal bug* -Kimono App is invisible-

    Same model but different types, one is for hammer and the second for dual. btw nice list, Lance didn't have any "white set"?
  10. GM KD!!! :O

    still better than mine -w-
  11. BOOOM!

    You monster!!! D:
  12. *minimal bug* -Kimono App is invisible-

    There are tons of app that are bugged, even weapons app xD kinda lazy to name all
  13. Build 208 Change Logs

    *Changes with asterisks are to be applied after the next maintenance.
  14. Build 208 Change Logs

    "Bad players" hahaha xD Good logs so far ♥
  15. Classes Balances Suggestions

    Server time: 10:45 UC Balance, 13:45 CI Balance. I think you went to the UC xD