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  1. Forum & Website Changes!

    I like how it says that the player load is "High" but really it's just the 67 offline stalls and Dominate with his alts.
  2. Changes to the Staff

    Lol fk off Vick
  3. Changes to the Staff

    Ohh.... Oh okay..
  4. UPO Screenshot

    © Swick, Natta

  5. Guild War - Sunday 11th

    Rip GvG tho lal
  6. [DONE] Maintenance 02-19-18

    But there is no players ._.
  7. Guild War - Sunday 11th

    Reward should be that guild bless thing for a week to the winning guild, no one needs diamonds in guild wars xD Give the dias to newbies lel
  8. UPO 2.2 (Build 200) Change Logs

    I reckon we add those 2k+ new effects u were talking bout ages ago oh
  9. yay

    xDDDD Idk who that is, uploaded to test this system n mess with it n shit oo
  10. yay

    ah lol
  11. Invisible Objects Fix & Swings Update

    If you go out in the rain, you're going to get wet.
  12. Invisible Objects Fix & Swings Update

    Lol I can react, this shit like facbook