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  1. 1234567890 years after going Dungeons

    LOL @Faller
  2. 1234567890 years after going Dungeons

    Thanks , I Bet @Abdulla738 stuck with his noob bugged lvl 1 char HAHAHAHHAHAHA
  3. 1234567890 years after going Dungeons

    I Bet You can't do something like this , Eat your bugged lvl 1 char huehuehue @Abdulla738
  4. Content Suggestions

    True , i once asked for this also when i keep dc in boss room , imagine its hard to find a full pt and in the end u gotta fail cuz either u dc or ur party dc , makes every1 desperate
  5. [SOLVED] Using BP After being sealed

    I thought those are the only seal skills (?) XD
  6. Changes to the Staff

    *Inserts Flaming Words* Someone hired a Mental Disorder Person to be a GM
  7. [SOLVED] My EXP reseted.

    The char is Revive , if i didnt ask how much the exp , she wouldnt realize , it was at 9% when she came back playing and she did every dungeons everyday so it shoulf be even more than 9 percent
  8. Content Suggestions

    I wish the old CS will be added back instead of CI.. The purpose of CI is good so that new players can join pk but if their hp is not 80k when they entered the maze its not full and ci is always bout number Maybe by readding cs we can have players pking using champ magic and crus ss using con maybe or just their acc/str mode which will be fun af and this maybe could add more mb and champ to the server
  9. [EVENT] Screenshots Contest [ENDED]

    Ill give u a lvl 07 char
  10. [EVENT] Screenshots Contest [ENDED]

    Bye @Mr.DarkLord
  11. Screenshot Contest

  12. Screenshot Contest

  13. [EVENT] Screenshots Contest [ENDED]

    i suggest u r the 1 who will pick the winner
  14. What you hate most in UPO?

    Dafuq u mentaldisorder
  15. Content Suggestions

    Thankyou will look forward to this , nice idea bout the relog also