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  1. Content Suggestions

    Ayo o/ So idk if its mentioned before already but i wanted to make a suggestion on UR (hard mode especially) for when people dc. Even with a full party, if done incorrectly it surely would fail. If one person is missing its almost 100% ganna fail. So if possible maybe give them a chance to be able to join back in? Maybe spawn on the same spot like in bd would be great Quite upsetting when i dc and i know I let the party down
  2. [SOLVED] Using BP After being sealed

    O im guessing she means shadow insignia, since it counts as a seal
  3. [SOLVED] Using BP After being sealed

    Yeah -o-
  4. Movement Precision Tip

    This helped a lot btw, reduced the amount of times i get roll backs and missed skills significantly, It does make the movement very choppy because of how bad my ping is from server distance though, but its definitely a lot better o33o
  5. Ayo o/ I only noticed this today, but after being sealed, the person is still able to used BP. IDK if it was on purpose and you just missed writing it on the change logs (if it was um, I'm 100% against it o33o its annoying AF xD) But yeah it pretty much makes Seal of Elder/Enfeeble useless AF :C Hopefully you can fix this ASAP plox - hueheuheuheue
  6. *minimal bug* -Kimono App is invisible-

    huehue thanks xD i quite like the app so that would be awesome, and nah i didnt lose any gems, no gems on my shield. Still waiting for chipped gems to come back in game xDD
  7. *minimal bug* -Kimono App is invisible-

    you can use it as a hat xd but only the socket were transferred when fused together
  8. *minimal bug* -Kimono App is invisible-

    Ayo just found another app that's bugged, its the mermaid princess hat. it cant be fused to vip/ultra hat, and instead you can fuse to cleric shield o33o so yeah xDD
  9. Changes to the Staff

    Oo stache getting a promotion 👌
  10. UPO 3.0 - The Return

    Really hope it brings it back to its feet again, all the best to the project. The Renaissance for UPO
  11. [SOLVED] Bug on gender exchange

    Yeah i changed class, bard is working fine with attacking and stuff, idk about voy but champ ss crus’s attacks arent working
  12. [SOLVED] Bug on gender exchange

    Oh even with phyllis i still cant attack, only skills work xD
  13. Classes Balances Suggestions

    ^ this is the reason why im wanting to change to str sm, there is no point of having spr if you cant use it to heal or do any dmg in maze. Healing is like 1k even the 10k heal outside of mazes is not much and the abyss mire nerf is way too much
  14. Classes Balances Suggestions

    Can we get an increase bolt dmg for voy and sm so they can farm in Ci for chest too? or maybe an increase outside of Ci as well?