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  1. What you hate most in UPO?

    Theres not much things to do. Nothing else but doing dqs, UR, dungeons, PKs. Lasttime u have dark swamp and some other awesome map. Now seems like all vanished.
  2. Dark Swamp Drops Suggestion

    I prefer that this comes back again.
  3. Let's Make UPO Alive Again!

    Mostly when new players come they asked for help from others. I saw chats in world but that was during after long of afking. I suggest u make a map/location where newbie can lvl up themselves and the mobs are not strong enough atleast they can kill. 2nd, a place for them to farm golds. Tundra seems to be hard a bit for newbies with kylin maybe theres a another area where newbie can kill with exp and gold. 3rd, have an ultra NPC redeemer for newbie after long of farming because newbie wants to feel their items upgraded after so long. Or maybe u can think of something better just a suggestion. 4th, a place where to farm gems unlimitedly or like previous dark swamp. Newbie wants to be competitive, but to be competitive with the old players is hard since they are already old and bold. 5th, lastly but I think theres more I can think of but this is enough. Make a npc redeemer to upgrade sets from stage 0-2 atleast. And the rest they can farm.