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  1. Arena

    is this an old pic? :0
  2. Also its a bit hard to make both classes the same since TOP best classes are always going to be crusaders and ss. that cant be changed unless you buff magics huehue. I'd say its not like crusaders aint the "same" as ss its just the player If you take a look at crusaders stats its almost in pair with ss in dmg but crusaders/champs have way more atsp and lets not talk about def or dodge lmaooo
  3. Well I think its not only crusaders that need to match ss xD every class needs a rework cuz they all broken in their way (except magics. they are so left behind now xD)
  4. 1234567890 years after going Dungeons

  5. Movement Precision Tip

    I always get confused with Chalsea might aswell change my name to Chalsea 2.0 D:
  6. Movement Precision Tip

    "Chalsea Chalsea Chalsea Chalsea Chalsea Chalsea"
  7. Movement Precision Tip

    my ping is not bad it just takes a lil bit of time to actually move after you click lmao
  8. Movement Precision Tip

    i tried this and i preffer to play with it on tbh xD
  9. Content Suggestions

    It isnt hard... it just requieres a lot of time thats my only concern xD so much time that sometimes makes us dont want to do em huehue also like some gems you have to buy one by one in the npc... atleast make it able to stack. Just to do things efficiently is what I am asking hehehe hope you understand.
  10. Content Suggestions

    Oh I forgot to ask... Have you thought of adding an easier way to make Eternity, Honor and Accessory gems? Instead of exchanging them one by one since that takes A LOT of time and in the case of Eternity Gems you can missclick. I was thinking maybe add NPCs that exchanges the amount of honors, boxes and bags to make the lvl of gem you want. For example: Lv4 - 8 bags/ boxes ~ Lv4 - 240 honors and so on...
  11. [SOLVED] Using BP After being sealed

  12. *minimal bug* -Kimono App is invisible-

    Me literally
  13. *minimal bug* -Kimono App is invisible-

    Oh cmon Vick I already told you about this Mermaid Hat hahah
  14. Changes to the Staff

    We will always have you in our hearts <3
  15. 3x Random Events


    Not now plz I need to cook lmaoo <3