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  1. Changes to the Staff

    Who's that sexy boi? Oh, that's just me, ahahhahaa silly meeee.
  2. UPO 3.0 - The Return

    The Ultimate Restoration
  3. What you hate most in UPO?

    wtf you crazy? whoever levels over 127 is crazy.... pft why would someone with brain leave level 127
  4. [EVENT] Screenshots Contest [ENDED]

    I am the judge, corrupted judge as well, pay me to win.
  5. Content Suggestions

    dont think any one does, its something to farm yes, but its not something like , "yo guys lets go and farm fb" its something thats nice to have but doesnt draw attention, u got what i mean?
  6. Content Suggestions

    whcih no one cares about, there got to be somethig unique, cloak gems?
  7. Content Suggestions

    you can make people join maps from mins 0 if you make valuable chests or things to loot inside, so people will fight over it, isnt that hoow pk suppose to go?fight over things, like a prize, people go min 29 because the prize will be the same if u join min0 or min 29, so if you add valuable things it might make ppeople join pk maps earlier I got a suggestion of what to add but u need to come private wont say it here for idk purposes. might be awkward for u if i say here and u cant do it
  8. What you hate most in UPO?

    Yow Abby comes again with another flow Ill play, if the server suck or was it low Ill win, wether its dom bunny or arrow they will all end up with sarrow Guilds be like, Im gonna win tomorrow but they dont know, Ill put them on their pillow H-h-ho-how can you, not get amazed by the show when its Abby her self to give out the show Im im im gonna kill em all with my bow and I'm gonna blow them with my death blow weakness I dissallow and my enemies in my strenght disavow aint no body stoppin me now because yow, Im on the flow
  9. GM KD!!! :O

    bish u still in school dont act old
  10. Hello gm i have suggestions. My name is Abby btw. First off, can we get black of everything map?black city black uc black arena black everything, I am getting blind by the brightness of the game, once i switch from my black youtube to white game it hurts my eyes which is not healthy Second off, the stuns of cruz should be reset just like the poss when someone dies? Its hard for cruz to pk without he's stun, because thats the only thing that cruz have. So when a cruz dies just reset his stun cooldown so we can just go back and die non stop by those op SS's , without waiting for stun cd (as if it will do anything). Third off, you should love Abby.
  11. GM KD!!! :O

    if(NameChanged) NewKD= NewKD + oldKD; Add this to the codes and everything going to be fixed *drops 🎤 mic * ~o~
  12. Abby

    LOL i only said thats a slutty app I didn't call her that stop trying to ban meee D;
  13. Abby

    Hello, my name is Abby, i am 17 years old, I was born on the 7/7/2000, I am currently level 127, all my items are +27. My favorite number is 7. My father is the 67th commander of the city, he always keeps sailors with me to protect me from the 77 criminals that want to heart me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.